Isabelle Mumford Mysteries

We are delighted to announce that we are hosting Isabella Mumford mysteries here on the 20th October. This will be a Fantastic evening of Good Food, laughter and entertainment, as well as a few prices to be won. Tickets will be on Sale soon.

The Theme: Heist at Harrow Hall

The year is 1925, the post-war prosperity has well and truly ended and all of the UK is feeling the pinch at the start of the depression. Harrow Hall is occupied by the Grosmont Family. Once upon a time , Mr Christopher Grosmont Sr. was one of the biggest gold exporters in the country. Since his passing last year, his fortune has dwindled, and his family have suffered. His Daughter, Annabelle, has a love for all things sparkly an expensive and finds herself without a rich husband or father to provide her with the lifestyles she desires. Annabelle’s brother, Christopher ‘Kit’ Jr, struggles to keep the family business going with the increased export taxes and Churchill’s Gold Standard re-introduced. the family matriarch, Margaret, wanders the sprawling mansion in a pit of grief – her only friend is the groundskeeper, an odd fellow by the name of Mr Green. the family’s one saving grace is their prized art collection, envied by all through the country. When things look decidedly bleak, the family solicitor Mr Brahms makes a suggestion – open the house up for a public viewing of the prized art collection and allow the, to purchase some of the more expensive pieces …

Two days before the art show, one of the most prized paintings (The Apple Orchard) was stolen. The Family called renowned private investigator Isabelle Mumford, to find out who stole the painting …


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