Premier Balcony Rooms


The Cliffemount Hotel consists of 18 en suite Rooms, 9 of which are Premier rooms. All our premier rooms include en suite’s with Bath and/or Shower, Bathrobes on request and a Private Balcony which looks out over the fantastic views of Runswick Bay. Its the Perfect Destination for a Romantic get away. 

We have 2 Premier rooms which are Dog Friendly, if you do require a Dog room, please mention when making your booking. All of our Premier rooms do have a couple of steps to the room, including those on the Ground floor. 

Each of our rooms have a story behind there names, below is brief back story of the room names.

Goldsbrough – Dog Friendly, Ground Floor.

Goldsbrough is the name of a small village which can be seen from across the Bay, it is approximately 2 miles away from Runswick Bay. The village is classed as a small Hamlet in the Civil Parish of Lythe, North Yorkshire. It is a historical site, as the village used to be a Roman Signal Station. 

Kettleness – Dog Friendly, Ground Floor.

Kettleness is the neighbouring village to Goldsbrough, which is fitting as the rooms are neighbours also. It is a lonely collection of houses, which is situated on the clifftop between Runswick Bay and Sandsend, The Cleveland Way Trail, passes straight through the centre of the Village. The Kettleness Railway Station was converted in the 1960’s by the East Cleveland Scout District, into an activity centre and is now used all year round by church organisations and youth clubs.

Normanby – Ground Floor

Normanby is named after the Marquess of Normanby, the title has been created twice once in 1694 to a John Sheffield. His title went on to become the Duke of Buckingham and Normanby, however this title became extinct with the Death of the 2nd Duke in 1735. 

The title was again created in 1838, to a Constantine Phipps, who was the 2nd Earl of Mulgrave. This title has been passed down through his lineage to this day. His family has had several political pursuits over the years. The Marquess of Normanby owns Mulgrave Castle, which is a few mile outside of Whitby, North Yorkshire

UpGarth – Ground Floor

This room is named after Upgarth Close, which is a street in Runswick Bay. Some of the houses on Upgarth Close where originally built around 100 years ago.

Claymoor – First Floor

This room is named after a Claymoor Farm, which is just outside of the Village of Goldsbrough. It is just off the old Railway Track which is a common walkers route.

Lingrow – First Floor

This room is named after Lingrow Close which is located in Runswick Bay on the main road.

Mulgrave – First Floor

This room is named after Mulgrave Castle and Estate, which is located just a few miles North of Whitby. The Estate extends over 9’000 acres of land. The Estate dates back to the sixth century. Many famous names have visited the Estate over the years including names such as Charles Dickens. Currently the estate is a starting place for the Yorkshire shoot.

Jarvis – First Floor

On Runswick sands there is a bit of Beach named ‘Jarvis landing hole’, here can be found a WW2 Naval Mine. The beach at Runswick Bay has several caves connected to the cliff side, which have various Folk lore associated with them.

Topmans – Second Floor, Juliet Balcony

This room is the highest room in our hotel, originally we thought it was named Topmans due to the fact its at the top of the building, however from digging a little deeper we found that it is actually named after Topmans Steel. Topmans steel is located to the West of Runswick Bay, and is used as a check point for walkers who travel the Cleveland Way.