Local Area

The Cliffemount Hotel is situated in Runswick Bay, famous for its golden beach and fantastic views. Perfect for those who want have a quick mid-week coastal break and enjoy the History of the local area.

Things to do in Runswick Bay and the local Area

Runswick bay is a treasure trove! full of fantastic surprises. It has been previously been described as a “hidden gem”, due to the breath taking views, which can be best appreciated from the Cliffemount Hotels Beer Garden. There are plenty of activities and things to do not only in Runswick Bay but in the local area also.

Cleveland Way.

Runswick Bay is part of the Famous Cleveland way, an ancient path which connects Hemsley to the Brigg at Filey, skirting across the North York moors, in total the Cleveland Way is around 110 miles. It is a popular walking holiday for many, there are various different routes which can be taken connecting to the way, including a Coast to Coast walk. 

The Cliffemount Hotel is situated on the Cleveland Way and it’s the perfect place for a Pit stop or simply to take in the sights. Alternatively it can be a place to rest, where you can stay in one of our many rooms and enjoy the famous views from one of the Premier Balcony Rooms.

Local Wildlife

As with others place, with spring comes a the revival of life,Runswick Bay is no different. Var

ious species of Birds flock to the area for nesting. Staithes in particular is renowned as the nesting ground for Seagulls, they are seen on the Cliff sides from Staithes and it neighbouring village Cowbar. It is a common destination for those that enjoy bird watching. The Cliffemount Hotel is only 2.3 miles from Staithes. 

Bird watching can also be enjoyed from the Cliffemount Garden as we are regularly visited by Robins,Finches,Swallows,Sparrowhawks and all manner of sea birds all year round. There have also been sightings by guests of Deer and occasionally the elusive Slow-worm (a leg less lizard native to the U.K. that resembles a small snake)  in the garden during the Spring and Summer months. 

At Whitby there are various boat trips available for whale watching during the summer time. At times you might be able to see them from Runswick bay. This Coastal area is also known for having Shark, Dolphin and Seal sightings at various times of the Year. The Whitby Whale watching is only 6.5 miles away from Runswick Bay.

Fossil Hunting

Fossil Hunters flock to Runswick Bay and Port mulgrave,  especially just after a high tide or a storm, as it usually takes part of the cliff away and leaves a trove of Fossils just waiting to be discovered. Some of the Fossils which have been recently discovered by guests and are on display in our hotel are: Fossil Ammonites, these are from the Lower Jurassic, upper Lias Period. They are approximately 185 million years old. Ammonites belong to an extinct group of Marine Molluscs that are related to the Octopus and Squid Family. Their closet living Relative is the Pearly Nautilus. 

That is just an example of the types of fossils found the Local area. There are many more waiting to be discovered.

The North Yorkshire coast is known for its historic Fishing villages and harbour ports such as Staithes and Whitby. Both are popular tourists attractions, which hold various events through the summer season. Staithes holds the annual Life boat Day and Pajama Parade. Whitby is well known for its Goth weekend and Dracula exhibition.

Coastal City Scarborough is only 22 miles away from Runswick Bay, lovely for someone who fancies a nice drive, or a Family day out, through the North Yorkshire area. Scarborough hosts things like the Historical Scarborough Castle, Peasholm Park and Rotunda Museum, these are to name a few of the tourist attractions that Scarborough has to offer.

The Cliffemount Hotel is the perfect Central location to stay, if you are planning on exploring the local area. with only a few miles to Whitby and just over 20 miles to Scarborough, you couldn’t ask for a better location.
With places like the North York Railway, Whitby Abbey and Falling Foss (Whitby Waterfall, 9.3 miles from Cliffemount Hotel)  right on our doorstep, there is good reason to stay at the Cliffemount Hotel.